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Hi, I’m Tracie, owner of Genius Cleaning Solutions, a team of professional Brighton and Hove based cleaners.

Why our standards are so high

Way back when, in the mists of time, I worked for two former housekeepers from Buckingham Palace. It was an intense introduction to high standards but the lessons I learnt have remained with me ever since.

I’m one of those people that genuinely enjoys cleaning and when I started Genius Cleaning Solutions in Brighton and Hove, I wanted to be sure, above all else, that my cleaners would deliver palace style standards!

Brighton & Hove cleaners you can trust and rely on

But that’s only part of our story. Because at Genius Cleaning Solutions the other thing that really matters is people.

I’m conscious that you’re letting my cleaners into your home or business. That means they’ve got to be reliable, trustworthy and someone that you like and feel comfortable with. Someone who listens to what you want and then delivers. That’s why our vetting and training process is so thorough and why you’ll find me very hands on at the helm.

Tracie Kirk professional cleaner Brighton and Hove

Proud of our vetting process

Vetting process Brighton and Hove cleaners

Our Brighton and Hove cleaners go through a three-stage process before they can clean for you:

  1. All applicants are interviewed, vetted and have their references checked. To be honest, only a few make it through this stage and they have to be intelligent, presentable and nice!
  2. Once an applicant has made it through the first stage, they receive our training. I watch them work and go through everything that is expected from them, from manners, to dusting behind the TV and time keeping.
  3. Having successfully completed stage 2, I then work alongside our new cleaners, checking their work until I’m 100% satisfied that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

The result is, you get the crème de la crème but at an affordable price. We do also have fully trained, regular cover cleaners who will clean for you if your regular cleaner is on annual leave or unwell. Which means your cleaner is always a familiar face and someone you know and trust.

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